FFOTOIMAGE Ltd. presents collectors with museum quality, photo-based art from around the world. We source these artworks through our international network of partner dealers and a selection of established, independent artists or their estates.

We invite enquiries for representation and for the consignment of individual artworks from the following:

  • Established* photo-based artists not currently represented by a dealer
  • Legally recognized estate representatives of established* photo-based artists
  • Any established* artist pursuing a photo-based practice outside of their primary discipline(s), and whose dealer has released them to pursue alternate representation for that aspect of their art practice

To enquire, please email: submissions@ffotoimage.com

We expect submissions to include between 10-20 images of a specific theme, similar to what one expects from an exhibition. Please include a separate image list indicating, at a minimum, Title; Date; Medium; Size; Edition; Method of Presentation (i.e. mounted, etc.); Retail Price; Artist Statement; current C.V.

Thank you for your interest in FFOTOIMAGE Ltd. We only accept electronic enquiries or submissions; however, a second stage of review might entail the need for personal inspection of an exhibition print. Unsolicited packages sent to us will NOT be returned.

Due to the number of enquiries we receive, we cannot respond to every message individually. If you have not heard from us within 60 days, please understand that we have determined we are unable to assist you, but appreciate the time you’ve taken, and wish you good luck with your art practice.



*We define an Established Artist as any artist who has a documented exhibition history with credible public institutions, has had previous dealer representation, and can provide an up-to-date CV documenting those events and relationships.



FFOTOIMAGE Ltd. is affiliated with Stephen Bulger Gallery,
an internationally respected source for fine art photography with an inventory
of 40,000+ works of art. We’re always open and we deliver. Learn more HERE.
All images © the artists/their estates, and partner galleries where applicable.

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