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Our roster of featured artists grows with the addition of Janet Jones and Olivia Marty, two visionary talents who pursue divergent art practices with complementary results. Although their finished pieces are superficially unrelated, these artists share a sympathetic connection – an interest in using time as a construct to reflect our society back to us. Making use of historical or nostalgic references and source materials, these artists ask us to consider the stability of our current reality, how we got here, and where we’re going.

Janet Jones is an artist who is interested in examining our communal experience as it is perceived through our shared spaces, both physical and virtual. In one aspect of her multidisciplinary art practice, Jones creates photograms (among the earliest, camera-less photo techniques) which she hand-tints to make vivid artworks that fizz with a “Space Age” vibrancy. Jones’ attention to detail encompasses all aspects of each artwork – from the subject matter to every detailed element of the framing that is integral to these compositions. Jones exhibits internationally; her work can be found in prominent public art collections across North America.

FFOTOIMAGE is delighted to introduce collectors to Olivia Marty, a prominent lens-based artist with a dedicated following in Asia. Marty trained as an architect in France prior to settling in Vietnam, where her academic background informs her research-based art practice. She layers projections of found images onto crumbling historic properties to construct narratives that evoke the lives and experiences of times past. Marty then photographs these sometimes unsettling re-compositions, fusing eras to make atmospheric abstractions that ask us to reconsider our perceptions of contemporary society.

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