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Our latest addition to FFOTOIMAGE brings a pair of artists who require little introduction. Ruth Orkin and George Zimbel are known for recognizing when they would find themselves “in the right place at the right time” and then acting upon it. Their cameras captured images that endure as powerful but relatable moments that resonate as strongly with viewers today as they did when they were first exhibited. “Street photography” might not have had an official label until the 2000s, but both Orkin and Zimbel can be considered masters of the form.

Ruth Orkin died in 1985 but her photographs remains as engrossing and collectible as ever. With the addition of official prints issued through her estate, we are offering collectors access to this artist’s remarkable output. Of particular interest is the picture, “American Girl in Italy, Florence,” from 1951. Ninalee Allen Craig, the figure at the centre of that composition, died in May, bringing this exciting tableau back into the public consciousness.

At almost 90-years-old, George Zimbel remains a vital personality in the international photography scene. His deep archive of photographs of the world around him continue to remain desirable among collectors thanks to his knack for being a particularly observant and technically skillful Everyman with a camera; Zimbel snapped the people and events that he thought others would find as interesting as he did – lucky us.

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